Welcome to your Postpartum Healing Program!  

Peeing your pants is NOT the price to pay because you chose to have kids.

You are NOT alone.  You DESERVE a body that functions properly.

It is NEVER too late to return your body to proper function and wellness!

Do you leak when you cough, sneeze, run or jump?

Do you have a stubborn tummy pooch that does not flatten?

Do you commonly have a heaviness in the pelvic floor?

Do you suffer from chronic back and neck pain that you chalk up to mom life?

Do you have pain during intercourse or feel that things are just not right following pregnancy and birth?

Heal your body with movement, breath and your intuition.

This 8-module program is designed to:

Prevent or HEAL incontinence & Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).

RELIEVE chronic back pain and pelvic floor heaviness.  

And is SAFE for expecting moms, newly postpartum moms as well as those past their childbearing season of life.

So, what's included in this program?

LIFETIME ACCESS to Eight (8) self guided modules that progressively increase the load on the core and pelvic floor.

Each module includes a Core Foundation class and a Slow Flow class, both of which require less than 20 minutes of your time per day.

Monthly live check in calls via Zoom to ask questions and receive support directly from Lori.

PLUS... you'll be part of a community of amazing women who are on this same journey with you!

 by mothers who have joined our programs.

Do you have a MONTHLY plan?

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Or... get it at a package deal!

it starts at $57 only

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Are you ready now?

Join our HEALTHY CORE AND FLOOR On-Demand Class!