Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.
-Linda Wooten

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Happy Birthday to Me - Means Savings for You!!

So I will NOT say how many candles (A LOT) will be on my cake this Saturday (yes, I'm a Halloween baby!) but I am so excited to share savings on classes and packages with you to celebrate another trip around the sun for me! 

We are open and back in-studio, while continuing with virtual Zoom offerings. We are here to serve my friends! 

All class types and all sessions are eligible for an across-the-board 15% discount!  Book your next class or session HERE and use Promo Code: BIRTHDAY at Checkout.  
This Includes:
 • Prenatal Yoga
 • Mom and Baby Yoga
 • Healthy Core and Floor - Postnatal Wellness
 • Black Friday Bliss Out (Nov. 27th)
 • Mom's Morning Out
 • Wind Down Wednesdays
• Restorative Yoga  

Details: There will be limited quantities of each promo code by appointment type (i.e. prenatal, mom/baby, restorative) so grab yours now!  Once they sell out, the promo codes will deactivate.  Don't miss out! Promo codes and discounts are not applicable for previous purchases.  However you can book your next session in advance.  Dates and planned classes are LIVE on the schedule for the next six months.  Full class schedule is available here. Promo code can be used one time, per person.  

12 Days of Earthside Yoga

Refer a Friend Promo Code "BLESSED" 15% off any class or session for your friend AND for *you*

Send your (new to Earthside) friends to our website to enroll. When they use Promo Code "BLESSED", they will receive 15% off any class or session!

When they list you as the referring client during their registration, you will receive a separate THANK YOU for 15% off any class or session you choose in 2021.   

Fashionably Late Deals

Fashionably late because let's be honest - that's how we roll as Moms!

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity for savings on class packages for 2020, including never previously discounted prenatal, mom/baby and postnatal yoga classes! This event is our way of saying thank you for being part of the Earthside community! I look forward to serving you in 2020!

If you need a reminder to come back to this, click "going" on this Facebook event to receive updates and reminders through the remainder of the sale (now through Monday, Dec. 9th).

• There will be limited quantities of each promo code, grab yours now! Once they sell out, the promo codes will deactivate.
• Promo codes and discounts are not applicable for previous purchases.
• Each promo code can be used one time, per person. However, you may purchase as a gift for someone you love (how thoughtful!!) or you can send someone to this page to snag this deal for you!
• Purchase as a gift for someone else here! 

Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park | River Bends Park, 5700 22 Mile Road, Shelby Twp, 48317

We will bend and stretch, breath and flow all while reconnecting with the Earthside Yoga community and nature.

This beautiful location gives us plenty of space to spread out, but still connect with the loving support of this community.

This class is safe and appropriate for every~body. ALL are welcome to join us!


I first met Lori in her prenatal yoga class for my final pregnancy, which happened to be with twins! It felt like a whole new experience because there was so much to learn. Her class was where I could relax and calmly connect with my babies. I learned so much about pregnancy and childbirth and wished I had done this class with my previous pregnancies. I highly recommend Lori's prenatal yoga class. Now that all my boys are earthside, her Restorative yoga is the highest on my self-care priority list. I look forward to the 90 minutes of bliss and I typically shed a tear or 2 while I'm there listening to her kind and comforting words. The essential oils, the dim lighting, and Lori's voice have relaxed me into a deep sleep during class. I leave feeling amazing. Do yourself and favor and take Restorative Yoga with Lori!!!

Stephanie F.

Lori is nothing short of amazing! Even during the quarantine she has managed to keep her community connected and engaged. She is offering several online classes via zoom and I have participated in three different classes (moms morning out workshop, pajama yoga and Saturday morning slow flow). These were all very different classes that offered their own unique spins that all helped relieve stress and anxiety and refocus you mind and body and calm things down (if even just for the duration of the class). I was able to do one of the classes outside while listening to nature. It felt great and totally helped me to reset. It was just what I needed! I can’t recommend Lori enough!! Especially during this stressful time!!

Candice C.

I cannot say enough good things about Lori and her prenatal yoga class or her candlelight restorative yoga. She is a wonderful teacher (especially with people who are new to yoga) and provided me with a space where I could relax, prepare my body for labor, connect with my baby and be in a safe space to connect with other mamas. She genuinely cares about the community of women who take her classes and it shows.

Meghan L.

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