Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy -
In Studio

Classes held at CWC Med Spa, Shelby Twp 

Join us for this extended practice of restorative yoga to rest the mind, body and spirit. Restorative yoga is a gentle and quiet practice that teaches us how to relax, rest and relieve the effects of chronic stress. Using props to fully support your body, your muscles will open and release without expending energy. You will emerge with a sense of deep calm and a feeling of spaciousness having allowed your tension to melt away.

This retreat is appropriate for *every* body and no prior yoga experience necessary. This is not a prenatal-specific class, but appropriate modifications will be made for expectant mothers as needed.

Please bring to class: 
-Yoga mat 
-2 pillowcases 
-2 blankets (thicker with a tight weave are best) 
-Hand towel  
-Water bottle

Mom's Morning Out - In Studio

Classes held at CWC Medical Spa 50429 Hayes Rd, Shelby Twp

Make a plan now for some time for *you*. Truly, time just for *you*.

Reconnect, plug back in to your Earthside mama community. This class was designed to bring us together to renew and recharge, share a laugh or maybe a cry. Because, #momlife

Class will begin with our supportive Opening Circle. As always, a soft landing space. No judgment. All the love. Compassion. Encouragement. A circle of women who believe in the beauty and strength of women.

 Bring your coffee or tea for Opening Circle then we will do some yoga to stretch out the kinks and tight spots in a safe and strong way. 

Healthy Core and Floor - Postnatal Wellness - On Demand

Tuesdays 10:00 am | Live Stream Via Zoom

Classes will be recorded and a link to the recorded class will be provided if you can't make it to your mat at our regularly scheduled class time.

 Following pregnancy and birth, moms can commonly have pelvic floor weakness (leading to incontinence and prolapse) and abdominal issues (including weakness and diastasis recti).

Do you:

- leak when you cough, sneeze, run or jump?
- have a stubborn tummy pooch that does not flatten?
- commonly have a heaviness in the pelvic floor?
- feel that things down there are just not right or like they used to before pregnancy and birth?

We will address these concerns and more!

Lori also recommends the purchase of the online, at-home Core and Pelvic Floor recovery program, MUTU System™ Follow this link to learn more and to put yourself on the road to recovery!
This program is safe during pregnancy and with appropriate modifications all the way until you deliver baby.  Women of all ages are welcome, regardless of how long ago you birthed.  

Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park | River Bends Park, 5700 22 Mile Road, Shelby Twp, 48317

We will bend and stretch, breath and flow all while reconnecting with the Earthside Yoga community and nature.

This beautiful location gives us plenty of space to spread out, but still connect with the loving support of this community.

This class is safe and appropriate for every~body. ALL are welcome to join us!

On Demand

For those looking to add additional classes to their weekly routine, we also have a Video On Demand program available. In addition to full length classes, we also have express classes between 10-25 minutes in length to fit into your busy schedule.

Partner Yoga (No Bump Required)

We often offer PREnatal partner classes, but NO BUMP IS REQUIRED for this FUN offering!  This sweet and unique class designed to celebrate your love doesn’t come around often – so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to reignite and recharge your love.  There is no sweeter gift you can give yourself and your beloved. All levels welcome!  This fun workshop will allow you the opportunity to spend time and connect with your partner in a relaxed and playful manner while giving yourselves a break from the routine, the schedule, the kids, life!

No yoga experience needed for either partner!  The extra-stiff, non-bendy new-to-yoga folks reading this are extended a special invite - we promise this will be fun and accessible!  All the poses are designed to be easy, comfortable and achievable for everyone who attends! No “pretzel poses” or acrobatics! 


I first met Lori in her prenatal yoga class for my final pregnancy, which happened to be with twins! It felt like a whole new experience because there was so much to learn. Her class was where I could relax and calmly connect with my babies. I learned so much about pregnancy and childbirth and wished I had done this class with my previous pregnancies. I highly recommend Lori's prenatal yoga class. Now that all my boys are earthside, her Restorative yoga is the highest on my self-care priority list. I look forward to the 90 minutes of bliss and I typically shed a tear or 2 while I'm there listening to her kind and comforting words. The essential oils, the dim lighting, and Lori's voice have relaxed me into a deep sleep during class. I leave feeling amazing. Do yourself and favor and take Restorative Yoga with Lori!!!

Stephanie F.

Lori is nothing short of amazing! Even during the quarantine she has managed to keep her community connected and engaged. She is offering several online classes via zoom and I have participated in three different classes (moms morning out workshop, pajama yoga and Saturday morning slow flow). These were all very different classes that offered their own unique spins that all helped relieve stress and anxiety and refocus you mind and body and calm things down (if even just for the duration of the class). I was able to do one of the classes outside while listening to nature. It felt great and totally helped me to reset. It was just what I needed! I can’t recommend Lori enough!! Especially during this stressful time!!

Candice C.

I cannot say enough good things about Lori and her prenatal yoga class or her candlelight restorative yoga. She is a wonderful teacher (especially with people who are new to yoga) and provided me with a space where I could relax, prepare my body for labor, connect with my baby and be in a safe space to connect with other mamas. She genuinely cares about the community of women who take her classes and it shows.

Meghan L.