Just as a woman's heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale and her hand to pull back from a fire, so she knows how and when to give birth. 
-Virginia DiOrio

"I had never taken a yoga class before taking prenatal yoga with Lori, I was very nervous and apprehensive at first. Lori put my fears at ease as soon as I walked in the door. As a first time mom I didn’t know what to expect with child birth and quite frankly was terrified, with Lori’s classes I felt prepared for child birth when the time came. I have continued my yoga practice with Lori’s mom and baby yoga class which has been life changing. I have learned so much from Lori, I truly do not know where I would be without her! When things get stressful and crazy I hear her voice saying “it’s just a bad moment not a bad life” I take a few deep breaths and am able to re-focus. Also the ability to connect with other mom’s on a weekly basis and discuss the challenges we all face. It has been so helpful to know that I am not alone. I truly would not be half the mom I am today if it weren't for Lori!" --Stephanie D.

"When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I knew I wanted a different birth experience than I had with my first. After a difficult delivery made more complicated by an epidural, and a long and painful recovery, I started researching my options. I planned a natural birth, hired a doula and signed up for Lori's prenatal yoga class. In class, I learned skills to help me prepare physically and mentally for my labor and delivery. I was supported and encouraged by Lori and the other women in my class. I felt myself grow stronger and more confident with each passing week. Lori was great, even when I waddled in, cranky and 41 weeks pregnant. During labor with my stubbornly posterior baby, I relied on the breathing techniques and poses I learned in class to focus and help my daughter move into proper position. It was hard work, and there were times I wanted to give up, but it was all worth it when my baby girl was born into my hands. I am so grateful I took this class, it helped me birth my baby the way I wanted to." --Nikki B.

"I took classes with Earthside Prenatal Yoga with my third pregnancy and wish I could have done it with my first two pregnancies as well. I looked forward to Saturday mornings as my time to connect with my baby and prepare my mind and body for labor. Lori is a wonderful teacher that creates a welcoming environment for all. Her classes helped tremendously with my birth! I played the music from class as I labored and used my breath to help me cope, just as we had done in class. I was able to trust that my body knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend Lori's class to all expecting moms." -- Amy L.

"What I loved most about Lori's class was not only the one hour a week to focus on me and baby but the sense of community that was there. We were all in this together and could talk, ask questions, and get educated on our pregnancies. Along with the the wonderful groups that gather Lori has a way of calming and pushing you as far as you can take it for that practice that day. She really understands a pregnant woman's body! I looked forward to class every week and always felt great after class!" -- Andrea S.

"I took Lori's prenatal yoga class before the birth of my 2nd son. I had a rough pregnancy, emotionally and physically, and Lori's class really helped bring me relief in all areas. I was able to do many of the positions at home daily, and they really helped with my hip/back/leg issues. Natural birth was quite scary for me, and in class I was able to express my fears and talk them over with the other students. It is so comforting to know I wasn't alone and even more comforting knowing I had my own cheering section. I was also able to bring some of the yoga positions to my birth: cat/cow and squatting is how I spent most of my labor - and I know I wouldn't have been able to squat that long without all of the practice :) I highly recommend this class! You will feel relaxed, strong, and this amazing sense of peace when you leave." -- Nicole P.

"Lori's prenatal yoga classes were an amazing way to relax during pregnancy, really connect with my unborn baby and find an inner peace that prepared me for the birth experience I desired." -- Cori D.

"Lori’s prenatal yoga class was invaluable to me! I practiced with her through two pregnancies, and it always felt like a sacred space in my week because it gave me the opportunity to relax deeply and to practice trusting my body's wisdom (and to stretch my achy pregnant hips). Lori creates such a wonderful sense of community with her class and she has a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy/baby resources that is very helpful too. I strongly believe that staying active and practicing the use of mantras in Lori's class gave me the strength to achieve my goal of natural unmedicated births. I would highly recommend Earthside Prenatal Yoga to any expectant mama!" -Elizabeth I.

"The best thing I did for myself during both of my pregnancies was to take prenatal yoga classes with Lori. The classes allowed me to meet other expectant moms who were going through the same pregnancy ups and downs with me. I was able to talk about my pregnancy and ask questions about pregnancy issues comfortably. Lori is a wealth of knowledge about all things related to pregnancy and childbirth! She is so supportive, positive, and empowering. I feel that it is because of my prenatal yoga classes that both of my births (including one drug free birth) were so successful. The techniques used in class, from positions to breathing, were absolutely beneficial during the birthing process. I could never thank Lori enough for everything that I have learned from her; I tell every expectant momma that I meet to try prenatal yoga with Lori!" -- Bridget M.

"My husband and I had just moved to MI and shortly after we arrived I found out I was expecting! I thought I would try and find some sort of prenatal fitness class to stay healthy and maybe meet some other moms. What I found was Lori's amazing yoga class. The moment I first spoke with Lori she made me feel so welcome and provided not only a place for wellness, but a place where you felt apart of a community. Each week I looked forward to sharing my experiences with other moms who could identify with exactly what I was experiencing. I learned how to focus, breathe, and listen to my body to prepare for the most amazing little gift I have ever received. I highly recommend this class. My son Charlie arrived happy, healthy, and completely natural. I still enjoy staying in touch with the other amazing moms I met in class and I wish I could go all over again!" -- Jamie C.

"As soon as I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I immediately started researching safe ways to exercise during pregnancy. I am a fit and healthy person so I knew I could continue doing cardio, light weights and yoga. So I jumped online, searched for "prenatal yoga class" in my area, and Lori's site came up first. I clicked the link not realizing how close her classes were to my house! I contacted her right away to get more info! I was signed up and ready for my first class at 8 or 9 weeks pregnant! I had been practicing yoga for a few years, and I knew it would be beneficial for relaxation and stretching throughout my pregnancy. Let me tell you! Lori's class is so much more than just relaxation! You will learn how and why yoga is beneficial for you and your growing baby, that YOUR body is made and meant to birth YOUR baby. The information you learn from Lori and the other mammas is incredible. For example, I always said I wanted a natural birth…I thought that meant not having an epidural….it is SO much more than that, and I learned a lot just from the conversations we had at the beginning of every yoga class. By knowing my body, listening and learning from Lori and the other mammas, doing my own research and praying my way thru pregnancy, I had the most amazing labor and delivery I could have every hoped for (all natural birth under 4 hours from the time my water broke to meeting my beautiful daughter). Oh! And don't forget about those SQUATS, SQUATS, SQUATS! You will understand once you are in class!!!!! I remember asking Lori if I could come to class AFTER my baby was born! I just LOVED my Saturday mornings being there and plugging into my body and bonding with my baby! " -- Liana R.

"My first experience with yoga was this prenatal class with Lori. I was nervous the first day, not knowing what to expect, but by the end of the class I wished it was held every day. This was my third pregnancy so I had two others at home. I needed "me" time and I didn't only get that, but the relaxation I felt at the end of each class couldn't be beat, it was the best way to start my day. We went over great breathing techniques and different positions to alleviate aches and pains, because of this class this pregnancy never felt better. I miss this class terribly, and I recommend it highly to all pregnant mamas." -- Toni B.

"I have always exercised regularly my whole life. When I became pregnant, however, it didn't take long for my regular workouts to become too much for me… and I was left searching for an exercise program that was effective, yet low key enough for my new pregnant body. That is when I found Earthside Prenatal Yoga and decided to give it a try. I am SO happy I did!!! The classes were perfect. Not only for my physical health, but also for my emotional and mental health too. The poses and flows were not too strenuous, but were really geared towards opening up the hips, the back and areas that had been giving me discomfort. The class also provided a setting to share pregnancy stories, ask questions and chat with other pregnant women which was really great and something I looked forward to each week. As my due date approached, I was SO scared to give birth. I was afraid of the pain, and had doubts that my body would be able to do it. My baby was measuring “big” during my entire pregnancy, and my doctor predicted he would be over 10 lbs if I went full term. Lori always provided such great advice and motivation… reminding us that just as our body knows how to grow a baby, our bodies know how to BIRTH that baby. With each passing week of class, I gained more confidence in my ability to give birth, and the fear started to fade away. When my due date came and passed, my doctor wanted to induce my labor… and we also discussed scheduling a c-section due to my “big” baby. I stayed strong with my desire to have as natural of a birth as possible. I felt strong, informed and courageous… and I really owe that in a big way to the class I took at Earthside. Thankfully, I didn't need to be induced. My son decided to come on his own, 3 days after my due date, and I had an excellent labor. It was hard, yes, but this class had taught me some key tools to physically get me through it. And even more importantly, the class had given me the courage and determination to do it. I truly believe that my labor experience went as smoothly as it did because I stayed healthy and active during my pregnancy… but also because of the strong and confident mind set I gained while attending classes at Earthside." -- Ashley D.

"Our bodies are meant to birth babies beautifully and naturally. How do we do this? We prepare our bodies and minds for this remarkable experience. I started my journey with Earthside Prenatal Yoga when I was 10 weeks pregnant, having no previous yoga experience, I was a little nervous but I quickly became addicted and continued through my due date. I loved how I felt my body getting stronger throughout each class. It was a welcomed break to quiet my mind as well. Class wasn’t just fantastic because I was doing something amazing for my baby and body; it offered a community of moms connecting and sharing about their pregnancies, challenges, and triumphs. The physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of prenatal yoga helped to prepare me for the most incredible, peaceful, and virtually pain free natural birth I could have ever imagined. My midwife didn’t even know when I was having contractions because I was so calm and quiet. I’m grateful for Earthside Prenatal Yoga for supporting and empowering moms and helping them to have the best birthing experiences possible, ones they are proud of!" -- Michelle O.

"Ah, prenatal yoga, what a breath of fresh air!! I didn't work out during my first two pregnancies, probably due to fear or lack of motivation. With my third c-section approaching, I knew that my muscles and core were going to need some extra help post pregnancy. This third pregnancy was already considered high risk due to a thinning uterine wall and my anxiety and internal monologue were a lot to process. Having a healthy outlet each week from work and home was the best thing I could do for my family and little growing bundle. Lori's yoga class brought me peace, a sense of community with other soon-to-be moms who could relate and strength when I needed it most!" -- Autumn W.

"I practiced with Lori, at Earthside Prenatal Yoga, throughout both of my pregnancies. When becoming pregnant with my first child, I knew that I wanted to engage in something good for my body, my baby and my mind. I had no experience with yoga but was open to the concept and I liked the idea of being part of a community of other pregnant woman. Being part of that community and under Lori's teaching, taught me more than I ever could have imagined. The time allotted for sharing our progress, experiences and questions, was good for my soul and taught me so much. Lori was a great support in and out of class, as I have turned to her many times pre and postnatal. I credit yoga as part of the reason that I stayed so healthy during my pregnancies and for my good labor and births. I loved being pregnant and enjoyed labor/birth. When people ask me how that is possible, I tell them to stay healthy, become informed and to trust your body... Lori and Earthside Prenatal Yoga, helped me do just that!" -- Jessica H.

"My experience with prenatal yoga with Earthside Prenatal Yoga was amazing! I do not know how I would of been able to get through my pregnancy without it. Lori has a wonderful and authentic way connecting with her students. She facilitated our group of mommas in a way where we all felt comfortable and safe. I took prenatal yoga from 12 weeks to the end of my pregnancy and enjoyed every moment of it. It really help me create a strong yet gentle mindset as I approached delivery. I felt emotionally and physically ready for my new world to begin." -- Kelly M.

"Staying active while I was pregnant was always a priority for me and I had heard that prenatal yoga was a great way to stay moving, stretch and connect with my baby. I found Lori's program through a Google search and took a chance one Saturday morning when I was 16 weeks...and continued through 40! Lori's yoga program is tailored to channel essential muscles and energies associated with pregnancy and birth. It helped when my baby was sitting on my sciatic nerve, making movement unbearable, and the breathing came in handy during anxious nights worrying about all the small things first time moms fear. Not only was the yoga exactly what my body needed, it was so relieving to come to class every week and hear other women going through the same thing as me. Lori's class was a place to vent, to listen, and to reflect. She brought everyone together. The chaos of having a baby can sometimes be overwhelming. Having an hour every week just for me and my baby was incredibly special. I look back and truly cherish those times. It was more than just a yoga class, it was a common group of women who beared their hopes, dreams and fears to each other during such a crucial junction in their lives. We shared everything from medical concerns to false alarms with our water breaking. I will definitely be taking this class during my next pregnancy!" -- Val O.

"I have had the experience of using Earthside Prenatal Yoga with Lori for both of my pregnancies. I started the class with absolutely no yoga experience but knew that I wanted to have a great experience during my pregnancy. I truly benefited from my time in the class. I was supported by other mamas and learned so much about myself. Lori not only strengthened my body to prepare for birth but also gave me the mental strength to know that my body was meant to do this. The one hour a week we spent together prepared me for the upcoming week and cleared my mind of the stress from the previous week. I believe that this class helped me get the birth that I wanted. I know that anything could have happened when I went into labor but I learned that I had many options for any issue that could arise. Today I continue to practice yoga weekly and plan on returning to Lori when baby #3 comes along. I want to thank Lori for being a great mentor for a new momma and being able to answer questions at any hour!" -- Heidi W.

"I joined Earthside Prenatal Yoga when I was 31 weeks and I absolutely loved it, I wish I would have discovered it much sooner as I would have attended throughout my whole pregnancy. Every Saturday morning I looked forward to that time that I was able to go and connect with other mama's and the little angel growing inside me. It was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone and I look forward to taking this class again the next time I'm expecting." -- Traci M.

"Lori's prenatal class was a lifesaver during my second pregnancy, and I can honestly say it eased my body and soul! I started to have back issues and without any previous yoga experience was willing to try anything that would easy my pain and help me sleep. I started the class not sure what to expect and not only did it help with my pain she also made me fall in love with yoga! I loved the class and having that hour once a week that was just mine. Each week before the class started we all went around the room and talked about anything baby related and asked questions of Lori. She is a wealth of knowledge for anything and everything pregnancy and baby related. I was trying for a VBAC and Lori had tons of contacts and information on where to go to educate myself. She never pressured her opinions she simply helped us learn and decide for ourselves the type of pregnancy and delivery we wanted. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Lori and have to half a dozen friends! She is the absolute best at what she does!" -- Erin S.

"My experience with Earthside Yoga has been life changing. As an expecting first time mama- I signed up for classes at the beginning of the Pandemic. My first class was one of the first zoom classes. I was hesitant about online classes, but it was been a great experience! I now take classes at least twice per week. On nice days- I take my tablet outside, so I can enjoy the weather. The best part is that I can keep myself and baby safe at home while still getting in a great yoga practice. With the chaos in the world- I did not realize how important it is to take this time for me and baby to connect. It is so important to take a breathe and be thankful that this baby chose me to be its mama. I am grateful that I can connect with other mamas who are experiencing the same concerns and pressure during this difficult time. The classes have grounded me and helped me be more mindful and thankful for what I do have. I cannot imagine what my stress levels would be without these classes. Lori and Paula are always great about giving recommendations if you are having pelvic pressure, back aches, or any other issues. I am so happy that I decided to join this community of amazing women!" -- Angela E.

"I found Earthside Yoga when I was pregnant with my first baby. I have had ongoing back problems/pain for years and being pregnant definitely made it worse! Practicing yoga made a measurable difference in reducing my pain, increasing my mobility, and allowing me some comfort during a very uncomfortable time. I continued to practice with Lori after my first was born, during my second pregnancy, and after attending the slow flow and aromatherapy classes. Every class I attend brings me strength and peace. But more than all of that, this community has brought me love, hope, joy, support, friendship, and a judgement free space to express the crazy feelings that come with pregnancy and motherhood. I have leaned on these women for the simple things like how did you pottly train your stubborn child, what did you do when your child started biting, as well as the hard things like who did you lean on when the postpartum hormones and depression left you reeling? Now that we are expereincing life events that none of us could have predicted, I lean on my yoga practice and community more than ever. I go through poses to ease the strain in my back daily and every morning I hear Lori's voice in my head guiding me through the poses I love the most and reminding me that I am strong, brave, and most of all I am not alone. I came to this space for the yoga, what I found and fell in love with is the community of loving, supportive, and fiercely protective mamas. The yoga is amazing, Lori is amazing, the community is invaluable!" -- Renee M.

"I had an amazing experience in doing prenatal yoga with Lori! Not only for keeping my body active, but also for preparing myself to birth and being part of a wonderful community. I had some issues during my pregnancy & Lori was there to listen to me and support me when I needed the most. She genuinely cares about people. " -- Tatiana G.

"I started prenatal yoga with Lori at 13 weeks pregnant with my first child, now going on nearly 12 weeks of practicing with her. As someone who lives with anxiety, I knew it was important for me to find the time to actively practice mindfulness during my pregnancy, as well as develop useful tools for labor itself. My first class with Lori, I found myself surrounded by other women who had been practicing prenatal yoga with her for not one, but multiple pregnancies! Nearly everyone in the room had come back to Lori time and again. Lori is warm, inviting, and open to making your yoga experience as personalized as possible. Not only does she provide amazing movements and breathwork to ease pregnancy/labor pains, but she also incorporates various “visualization” exercises to help you connect with baby. I now find myself using this breathwork and yoga movements to ease myself and the everyday pains that come with pregnancy, even when I am not actively participating in a session. The visualization exercises have helped to ground me, and truly connect with this little life growing inside me. It even helped me in deciding baby’s name! Unfortunately COVID-19 had other plans for my yoga practice, but Lori came through with weekly Zoom meetings and has not missed a beat. I get the same attention and wonderful yoga practice as if I were still sharing the same room with her and my fellow mamas. Lori is clearly passionate about what she does, and she has genuinely brought a much-needed element of calm and confidence to my first pregnancy. I would recommend her to any pregnant mamas looking to practice yoga, especially during such a weird and uncertain time. Love Earthside Yoga and love Lori! Thank you!!!" -- Jessica P.

"Lori's slow flow yoga on Saturday mornings has been literally saving my sanity these days. She always leads a beautiful class of mindful (and challenging) movement, but my favorite parts are the bits of positive wisdom she talks about throughout the class. They help me set the tone for a good week ahead. I find myself repeating the mantras she uses in class when times are tough, and I am so, so grateful for that coping tool right now." -- Elizabeth I.

"Love Lori’s prenatal yoga classes! I had gone to three classes in studio before Covid-19 put a halt to things, I was so bummed I would be missing out on something I was just starting to really look forward to. Was SO happy when Lori emailed us all and said she was moving things to online! A live yoga class every week from my new basement studio has become my new normal and I am so grateful for it. Same great interaction and support as going to class. Lori is great with directions on how to safely do poses and also how to alter poses based on how you are feeling that day. Would definitely recommend!" -- Lauren D.

"I took the prenatal, virtual yoga classes with my first pregnancy from my second trimester until the week I delivered and it was a fantastic experience! Especially given the limitations of COVID, the virtual classes made getting exercise in and connecting with other moms so much easier! Even in a virtual setting, Lori did a great job showing movement modifications, especially crucial in those final weeks and made every motion easy to follow. I also found a lot of value in hearing from other moms and especially those in similar points of their pregnancies to me. The recommendations from anything from the best nursing bras, to questions to consider asking my doctor at appointments were super helpful and personable. I would definitely recommend the virtual prenatal classes to feel 100% safe and have the convenience of being at home. It was a great option to not miss out any of the benefits to prenatal yoga!" -- Brianna P.

"I’ve taken Lori’s prenatal class both virtually and in person. I love both options, but stuck to virtual because of the pandemic. I’d recommend it to anyone. I looked forward to class each week, not only for the yoga, but also to hear from everyone in the class during our Zoom opening circle. Lori’s class helped me feel so supported and connected to other women going through the same thing as me even during a global pandemic. During my labor, I found myself using many of the techniques I had learned in yoga. The nurses even complimented me on how well I was breathing through contractions. Seriously, I kept telling every doctor that came in how much Lori’s class had prepared me! Since I’ve had my baby, I plan to stay involved in the other classes offered through Earthside. And I will absolutely be signing up for prenatal classes again if I have another pregnancy. " -- Melissa F.

"Love Lori’s prenatal yoga classes! I had gone to three classes in studio before Covid-19 put a halt to things, I was so bummed I would be missing out on something I was just starting to really look forward to. Was SO happy when Lori emailed us all and said she was moving things to online! A live yoga class every week from my new basement studio has become my new normal and I am so grateful for it. Same great interaction and support as going to class. Lori is great with directions on how to safely do poses and also how to alter poses based on how you are feeling that day. Would definitely recommend!" -- Lauren D.

"Earthside Yoga’s online classes bring the best of both worlds to my practice! I receive every benefit that yoga has to offer with the ease and comfort of participating from home. I have taken multiple types of yoga with Earthside (including prenatal through two pregnancies!) and I cannot recommend Lori’s talents and this community enough!" -- Samantha H.

"I did prenatal yoga throughout all three pregnancies (starting in the fall of 2014) and a few sessions of mom & baby after each child was born. I cannot say enough positive things about Lori and her classes! She taught me so much: breathing techniques and mantras to use during labor and delivery, pelvic floor strengthening pre and postpartum, body positivity and so much more. The sense of community that you get being surrounded by other moms/moms-to-be is amazing! I especially loved the opening circle and being able to ask anything and not feel silly. Although we had to switch to virtual the last three months of my pregnancy and for most of my mom & baby yoga experience this time around, I felt it was still beneficial (probably moreso during the pandemic). I am so glad Lori continued to offer the virtual option because it really helped me find some time for me & baby (with two other littles at home). She does an excellent job of keeping everyone connected and feeling almost like you’re in the yoga studio. I highly recommend her classes to all of my new mom friends! Definitely try her classes - you will be so thankful you did! " -- Kristin M.

"I can safely say that taking virtual classes with Lori and Earthside Yoga has been one of the most beneficial things I have done to survive the pandemic. The community and connections with other moms helped with the loneliness and many of the unknowns. The yoga helped with my stress level and to bring normalcy and routine to my life. I loved taking mom and baby yoga, but now my baby is too old for the class. I also really enjoy the Wind Down Wednesday pajama class. It is a great mid week slice of time just for myself. I hope there is more interest in starting up the Saturday morning class again. Thank you Lori and Earthside Yoga!" -- Kim V.

"This is my third time practicing prenatal yoga with Lori and I am so thankful for the virtual option with this pregnancy! Lori brings the same enthusiasm, support, and knowledge to all her mamas to be, and the class has again been a lifesaver for me! And with two busy preschoolers at home, it's been so easy to just roll out my mat in the living room, turn on my computer and have some time to focus on the relationship for just this baby and I. During this pandemic, I'm constantly reminded of things I am grateful for, and Earthside Prenatal Yoga is one of the best!" -- Amy G.