Give the gift of health and wellness, Give the Gift of Yoga!

- Third to Fourth Trimester Support Package, $334 (one session of prenatal + one session of mom/baby yoga) Prenatal - Yoga, 8-week session, $167

- Mom and Baby Yoga, 8-week session, $167

- Healthy Core and Floor, 8-week session, $167

- Wind Down Wednesday, 4-week session, 30 minute classes, $47

- Wind Down Wednesday, 8-week session, 30 minute classes, $89

- Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy, 3-class package, $105

- Candlelight Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy, 1-class, $35

- Mom's Morning Out, 3-class package, $105

- Mom's Morning Out, 1-class, $35

- Gift Certificates in various denominations for any class on our schedule

Always the right size and comes with a one-year expiration.  

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